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The Beoremote in the aluminium factory in Struer

Bang & Olufsen x Sustainability


Sustainability is about the way we work to address societal, environmental and climate considerations for the benefit of society and all our stakeholders. As a global luxury brand in the consumer electronics industry, we recognize that we have a responsibility and an obligation to continue to raise the bar for the industry.

beosound level

Our performance on longevity in 2021/22

Long and multiple lives for our products. That is what we call longevity, and it is our approach to a circular economy, climate action, and good corporate citizenship. Our aim is to build product icons that can last a lifetime and beyond and we have three main areas where we will work to deliver on our longevity promise.

1. Designing for the future We want to lead the industry by creating long-lasting, circular, and sustainable products.

2. Taking responsibility for the past We want to challenge the view of what ‘new’ really is and the notion that a ‘second life’ is perceived as less attractive than a new, unused product. 3. Ensuring continued and multiple lives through repair and service care We want to challenge the view that a high-quality product necessarily has an end-date.

Image of Beosound Level

Cradle-to-cradle certified products are key to our circular economy aspirations

Our cradle-to-cradle certified® Beosound Level speaker is an example of our longevity approach, where we were able to extend the lifetime substantially beyond industry standards. The speaker is designed with a modular approach, making it easy to maintain, service and repair. For example, customers can replace the batteries themselves, and customize the speaker covers with new materials and colourways. In addition, the speaker can have new features via software updates and the streaming module itself can be replaced if the technology in it becomes outdated. Once the speaker reaches its end-of-useful-life point, after many years of service, Beosound Level allows a resource efficient circulation process because it is easy to disassemble, and we have used high-quality materials which can be reused or recycled.

Photo from Girls in Science day, where a group of young girls are introduced to the factory in Struer

We want to support the innovators of tomorrow

Girls Day in Science is a nationwide campaign that aims to create awareness about the need for more girls in Denmark to study STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). In October 2021, we participated in the campaign, where female students from two local high schools visited our headquarter campus in Struer to meet some of our female colleagues working within these scientific and technology areas. Our colleagues shared their personal stories and gave the students an Introduction to some of the career paths possible in B&O with a STEM related education..

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Transparency on impacts and activities

We are committed to reporting on our environmental, social and governance performance and are certified by Nasdaq as a ‘2021 Nasdaq ESG Transparency Partner’.

For more information on our ESG reporting, please read our latest ESG & Sustainability Report 2021/22, our GRI Content Index 2021/22, and our ESG and Sustainability Data Accounting Principles.

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