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Bang & Olufsen x Sustainability

Sustainability strategy

Our strategy underlines our ambition to increase the positive impact and minimise the negative impact we have on the environment, climate and society.

Our Sustainability Strategy

Our Sustainability strategy runs until 2020/21 and provides a coherent framework for the organisation that is built on our core values; Pride, Persistence, Passion, our core capabilities; Sound, Design, Craftmanship and is guided by the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our sustainability strategy consists of four focus areas;

ENVIRONMENTAL & CLIMATE IMPACT We are committed to minimise the adverse impact on the environment and climate from our own operations and supply chain as well as continuously reducing the environmental footprint of our products over their entire lifecycle. Resource efficiency, serviceability and high-quality standards have been an integral part of our daily operations for years. We have been widely recognized from a functional, aesthetical and technological perspective for the design and longevity of our products. However, it is our ambition to push the boundaries even further by creating more sustainable products while also improving the user experience. We explore the use of more recycled materials, better sourcing, better packaging and the introduction of more circular principles in the design of products. We also work to reduce the CO2 emissions of our operations by managing our energy consumption and environmental impact in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard.

RESPONSIBLE EMPLOYER We want to be recognised as a people-oriented and responsible company. This involves a strong focus on empowering the company’s employees and helping them develop their competencies as well as promoting the health and well-being of people working at Bang & Olufsen and ensuring a diverse and inclusive working culture. Ensuring that employees have the proper knowledge to perform their work in a safe manner also remains a priority. We respect employees’ right to freedom of association and collective bargaining and the right to raise concerns without fear of retaliation.

ROLE IN SOCIETY We operate in a responsible and transparent manner and is committed to create value to all of our stakeholders. We will continue to share knowledge and make the company’s expertise available to society and stakeholders, while continuing to support community initiatives in the societies in which we operate.
We work to enhance two particular areas 1) Sound & Health, we aim to use our core capabilities within sound to help improve the quality of life for people by contributing to research and creating awareness of the positive effect sound can have on people’s health and well-being 2) Future Innovators, help nurture and inspire the next generation to develop skillsets within areas such as technology, engineering craftsmanship and design, which are related to the company’s core capabilities. We aim to do that by sharing expertise, making the company’s resources available and working with relevant institutions and partners.

RESPONSIBLE PARTNER We are aware that a responsible supply chain relationship is becoming an increasingly important aspect because our business model is changing, towards a more partner-based approach. We will continue to engage constructively with our supply chain based on a view to driving continuous improvements and based on the assumption that suppliers share our commitments to international principles for human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption. We will also work with retail partners to ensure that they live up to the company’s ethical and social standards and expectations from all stakeholders.

Based on these focus areas, we have outlined eight specific sustainability commitments

Overview of the csr framework, listing the commitments and foundation for 20/21