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The Beoremote in the aluminium factory in Struer

Bang & Olufsen x Sustainability


Sustainability is about the way we work to address societal, environmental and climate considerations for the benefit of society and all our stakeholders. As a global luxury brand in the consumer electronics industry, we recognize that we have a responsibility and an obligation to continue to raise the bar for the industry.

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Transparency on impacts and activities

We are committed to reporting on our environmental, social and governance performance and are certified by Nasdaq as a ‘2021 Nasdaq ESG Transparency Partner’.

For more information on our ESG reporting, please read our latest ESG & Sustainability Report 2021/22, our GRI Content Index 2021/22, and our ESG and Sustainability Data Accounting Principles.

Bang & Olufsen’s core values:


Jens Gamborg, Head of Group Communications & Sustainability +45 2496 9371