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Sagemcom vision. B&O precision.

Bang & Olufsen and Sagemcom

We are thrilled to collaborate with our partner Sagemcom on the Sagemcom Video Soundbox - a unique 4K set-top box with sound designed by Bang & Olufsen. Dive deep into the content you love. Fall for new favourites. Relish the clarity. And discover delightful new details. This is home entertainment, elevated.

Picture of Sagecom speaker with grey background

Details come to life

In home entertainment, details matter. We’ve put our century-spanning engineering experience to work, designing the sound on Sagemcom Video Soundbox. The result? A sound and vision experience that captures every nuance. Whispering dialogue. Rumbling lows. Gleaming highs. Experience it all from the comfort of your living room.

Sagecome speaker in front perspective with grey background

Evening binge and morning beats

Your home, your rules. And this box adapts effortlessly. A few clicks, and Sagemcom Video Soundbox pivots from TV audio into a high-performance wireless speaker. Stream your favourite music in a flash. Take an important call. Or call someone important. All with impeccable connectivity – and all in one package.

For today. Ready for tomorrow.

Designed with intent. Executed with finesse. We’ve always crafted our products to live long – and in this we’re united with Sagemcom. Sagemcom Video Soundbox is an innovative product sustaining a new Home Entertainment experience. Energy-efficient. Future-ready. This is what tomorrow’s TV looks like.

Universal excellence. Unique sound.

Sagemcom Video Soundbox transcends borders. Globally available, this all-in-one entertainment hub comes custom-branded for each provider, giving it an individual touch.

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