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Design for Sound

Bang & Olufsen sound is designed to be seen. Our premium audio and video solutions are objects of art, elevating the design of any living space. They can also be integrated more subtly to complement the décor of any room. We take pride in our timeless designs, which are characterized by beautiful, honest sound and unrivaled craftsmanship.

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Partnering with interior designers

Bang & Olufsen partners with interior designers, allowing you to provide your clients with high-end, design-forward entertainment solutions. Whether it be a television that doubles as meticulously crafted piece of furniture, a sound system that can be mounted on the wall like a piece of art, or a freestanding loudspeaker that is a sculpture in its own right, our products are created for thoughtfully curated spaces.

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Nearly a Century of Excellence

For nearly a century, Bang & Olufsen has been known for its innovative and progressive product designs. New York City’s Museum of Modern art houses eighteen Bang & Olufsen products in its permanent collection, and over the last six decades, Bang & Olufsen has collaborated with a host of renowned designers including Jacob Jensen, David Lewis, Torsten Valeur, Michael Anastassiades, and Norm Architects.

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Functional craftsmanship

Our versatile solutions are as functional as they are beautiful thanks to their advanced, patented technology and seamless user interface. Each of our products is crafted from rich materials including wood, anodized aluminum, and premium fabrics. Bang & Olufsen offers a wide range of colors, tones, and textures, allowing you to create a personalized solution complementing your design aesthetic.

Make Sound Center Stage

Expand your core offerings and grow your business by combining your design aesthetic with our audiovisual solutions. Each certified interior designer is eligible to receive a commission for the Bang & Olufsen products integrated into their projects.

We have extensive experience working closely with interior designers around the globe. No matter the scope of your project, when you partner with Bang & Olufsen, we will be there to assist you every step of the way—from inspiration and planning, to implementing and integrating fully customized solutions. We can accompany you on site visits, review floor plans, and make recommendations based on the needs of your clients.

Contact us to make beautiful sound an integral part of your interior design services.

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