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genesis parked

Bang & Olufsen x Genesis

Innovation beyond imagination

A relentless commitment to exploring new paths — and a passion to create a listening experience that takes your breath away. This is the Bang & Olufsen sound system for Genesis.

Our Collaboration

Experience awe-inspiring luxury on every drive with Bang & Olufsen and Genesis. Crafted from the finest materials and tuned by certified Tonmeisters, the Bang & Olufsen system delivers authentic, powerful sound matched only by the dynamic performance of the vehicle itself. Blending seamlessly into the refined interior, the result is a harmonious and captivating in-vehicle listening experience that draws you in.

Bang & Olufsen speaker inside Genesis

Bang & Olufsen in the Genesis G90

Beautiful sound, timeless design and unrivalled craftsmanship. The Bang & Olufsen system in the G90 is the product of audacious new thinking at the forefront of acoustic innovation. Transport your audio experience to another dimension with Virtual Venues Live, replicating the acoustic profiles of celebrated performance spaces around the world.

Genesis interior


Premium Aluminum Grill Covers

Custom designed for Genesis, anodized aluminum grill covers ensure optimum performance for each loudspeaker while adding a subtle, sophisticated accent to the vehicle’s interior

Hi-Resolution Audio

The Bang & Olufsen Sound System in Genesis has been tested and verified to meet the stringent standards of Hi-Res Audio certification, a process that ensures audio systems fulfill sound recording, reproduction, and signal transition specifications. The result? Enjoy each instrument of the orchestra as if you were on stage.

Externally coupled subwoofer

This patented hardware technology maximizes bass performance while keeping the size and weight of the component to a minimum. Feel rich, full lows from your music as you enjoy an incredibly smooth ride.

Virtual Venues Live

Transform the interior of your Genesis to match the acoustics of your favorite live music venue. Advanced algorithms adjust speaker output to recreate the sound characteristics of world-renowned performance spaces. Find yourself transported to that underground jazz club or legendary open-air stadium.

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