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Ford Mach 2 driving fast by the water

B&O x Ford

Turns rides into explorations

Designing the perfect car audio system is about understanding the unique space and how music can shape the driving moment.

Our Collaboration

"Driven to create. The partnership between Ford and B&O is a powerful meeting of minds based on unconstrained thinking and inspired innovation. Our bold pursuit of distinctive design and visionary engineering consistently breaks new ground and enriches people’s lives with new experiences.

But where does one experience end and another begin? They do not exist in isolation, but intertwine and influence each other to create something new and unique.

By understanding it, we are engaging that energy to re-imagine how premium sound shapes the driving experience in the modern world."

Integrated speaker in Ford

Your driving companion

A well-chosen playlist can make a real difference on a journey. Especially if you are listening through a premium sound system. Our collaboration with Ford ensures that superior sound is a constant driving companion. The high-quality B&O audio solutions are specifically tailored for each Ford model, ensuring that everyone in the car enjoys the same enveloping audio experience.

Close up of the B&O speaker grill in Ford

Iconic simplicity

The clarity and timeless appeal of B&O design blends seamlessly with the car’s interior. The craftsmanship of authentic materials and finishes is part of an overall ambience focused not on itself but on the passenger. Acoustic performance is enhanced by subtle design elements such as the radiating hole pattern.

An emotional experience

The mission of the partnership is to create something inspirational and transformational. By skilfully interweaving the design, craftsmanship, sound and performance of car and audio, Ford and B&O create rich, authentic experiences. For the user, this means a new level of sensory freedom - to hear more, feel more, enjoy more.

Ford car driving in the mountains with a waterfall in the left side of the image

Tuned for life on the road

Instinct and technology. Human and machine. The objectivity of highly sensitive measurement equipment pairs with the subjectivity of expert hearing. Our acousticians are not only audio engineers, but also practicing musicians. The result is an immersive listening experience that is tuned for life on the road.

More sound. More bass

Soothing or stimulating. The right bass is crucial to a rich audio experience. B&O lays this sound foundation with carefully selected components like the externally coupled subwoofer uses the entire car as bass enclosure and provides perfect potent bass even at high volumes while maintaining accurate bass also at low volumes.

Enjoy the freedom

The sound philosophy of B&O in Ford is to engage people with enjoyable sound. Music is a liberating, emotional and social experience. B&O exhilarates listeners with sparkling trebles, envelopes them with smooth mid ranges and bass. The spatial sound sensation blends with an aesthetic ambience that is casual and refined, relaxing and stimulating.

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