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Bang & Olufsen x Sustainability

UN Sustainable Development Goals

All the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are important, but we are committed to drive progress on selected goals that are closely aligned with our sustainability strategy and where we can make the most impact.

The two unsdgs regarding enviroment

Environmental & climate impact

SDG 12: We have increased focus on how the company manufactures, designs, creates and delivers products to help drive progress towards a more circular and low-carbon economy. SDG 13: We work to reduce CO2 emissions across our operations. This includes investments in energy efficiency initiatives and moving towards less intensive energy sources with the long-term objective of climate neutral operations.

UNSDGs - good health and well-being and quality education

Role in society

SDG 3: We aim to use our core capabilities within sound to help improve the quality of life for people, by contributing to research and helping to create awareness of the positive effect, sound can have on people’s health and well-being. SDG 4: Based on our core capabilities we are committed to help promote technology, engineering craftsmanship and design competencies to young people through various programmes and initiatives.

The UNSDGs for being a responsible employer

Responsible employer

SDG 5: We have launched several new initiatives to improve gender equality and over the past three years we have seen positive developments in the proportion of women in senior management. SDG 8: We strongly believe that all employees deserve fair treatment, safe working conditions, and freely chosen employment. We have banned any forced, bonded, or indentured labour, involuntary prison labour, slavery, or trafficking of persons within the company’s supply chain. SDG 10: We work to uphold fundamental rights and freedoms of all people. We promote a diverse and inclusive culture and will not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

the UNSDG commitment for being a responsible partner

Responsible partner

SDG 16: We work to ensure responsible supplier and retail relationships by integrating the company’s environmental, social and ethical standards and by consistently focusing on impact and risk.

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See results of the action we have taken to deliver on our SDG targets in our Sustainability Report 2020/21

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