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Bang & Olufsen x Sustainability

Environmental and climate impact

We are committed to minimise the adverse impact on the environment and climate from our own operations and supply chain as well as to continue to reduce the environmental footprint of our products during their entire lifecycle.

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Resource efficient operations

Energy consumption in the production process is a large contributor to the company's environmental and climate impact. The company strives to run a sustainable production, which includes reducing the energy consumed in the company's facilities. Long-term, Bang & Olufsen is committed to working towards climate neutral operations. The target for 2018/19 was to reduce CO2 emissions by 5%. In 2018/19, Bang & Olufsen invested in several new initiatives to optimise and adapt the energy consumption in the company’s building portfolio. This included changing the source of lighting to LED in buildings and training in the use of lighting in the production line, among other things. The energy savings generated from the various energy-efficiency projects implemented amounted to a reduction of 275 tonnes CO2, a reduction of 6.5%, and the 2018/19 goal was therefore accomplished.

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