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Bang & Olufsen x HP

Awaken your senses with PC audio perfection

The partnership between Bang & Olufsen and HP brings premium sound to your personal computing device.

High-fidelity sound. No matter what.

Sound plays a central role in the way people interact with their PCs, and good audio matters. Whether you’re catching up with the latest movies, enjoying your favourite album, hopping on a conference call, or putting the finishing touches on your YouTube masterpiece, you want high-fidelity sound. Thanks to a close collaboration with our acoustic engineers HP has taken their audio performance to the next level, delivering bold, crisp and accurate sound across their range of Laptops, All-in-Ones and Z Workstations.

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The right hardware

It all starts with the right hardware. HP focuses on making the right hardware choices, then designs audio components within the device to maximize clarity. For example, HP PCs have a dedicated audio island, isolating the sensitive audio circuits from other signals that might cause interference, keeping the sound pure. Our acoustic engineers custom-tune each speaker – and create preset audio configurations on a range of devices for greater clarity and accuracy in reproduction.

The different audio modes are tailored to different environments as well as the various use case scenarios of the respective HP units – and you can choose from either Voice, Movie and Music presets.

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Work is no longer a place we go, but something we do. It gets done from different locations, using multiple devices. With workplaces shifting, work styles are changing. We collaborate more – whether around a desk, in a huddle room or a coffee shop. HP’s Elite series of business PCs are custom-tuned for the human voice with Bang & Olufsen’s acoustical engineers for a completely immersive collaboration experience. Engage teams, clients, and vendors with the crystal-clear Audio by Bang & Olufsen and the high performance HP Premium Collaboration Keyboard that allows you to launch calls and video chats at the touch of a button on the HP EliteBook x360. Connect with the HP Elite x2 and conduct successful virtual meetings from practically anywhere with optional WWAN front and back facing cameras, HP Noise Reduction Software and Audio by Bang & Olufsen.

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Finding the right balance

Our tonmeister uses sophisticated equipment to measure the frequency output of the speakers, but his true and final measurement is when listening with the naked ear and calibrating by hand to find the right balance. When we tune the devices we are looking for a more balanced response flattening out large peaks and other fluctuations in the frequency response to give a clearer and more straightforward sound. This allows for more diversity in the music taste and genres that the customer prefers.


THE VOICE PRESET If for example, you are talking on Skype with someone who has traffic noise in the background, the noise will be balanced out so you can clearly hear and understand the person you are speaking with. Technically speaking this is primarily done by enhancing the midrange audio frequencies, as they contain a large part of the normal speech. The remaining sound is just a distraction and therefore reduced.

THE MOVIE PRESET The Movie setting enhances the width for a better immersion and envelopment into the audio dimension of your movies. It also provides clearer speech by improving the center audio image.

THE MUSIC PRESET The Music setting however, has a neutral, straightforward profile. The tuning brings you as close as possible to what was intended by the recording engineer in the studio.

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A selection from the HP family

Good audio matters and it all starts with the right hardware. HP focuses on bringing modern, artfully designed PCs with audio components specifically built to maximize audio clarity. Browse a few HP products featuring audio tuning by Bang & Olufsen.

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