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Man wearing the Beoplay Portal headphones while playing Xbox

Bang & Olufsen x Xbox

Captivating gaming experiences

The Xbox and Bang & Olufsen partnership is dedicated to creating world-class gaming experiences where immersive audio increasingly plays a vitally important role.

Bang & Olufsen x Xbox

We’re launching our latest partnership with the release of the new Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal headphones, especially designed for Xbox Limited Series. For gamers, the immersive audio experience is the difference between being heard around the world, or missing a crucial beat. This is true for in-game sound effects, when calling out to teammates, or just listening to music during a marathon gaming session. That’s why, together with Xbox, we’re dedicated to delivering the most sophisticated gaming audio solutions available.

Image of a woman playing on a Xbox and wearing Beoplay Portal headphones

In-tune with gamers

Beoplay Portal are true gaming-first headphones. Specifically designed for Xbox Limited Series, these headphones have been tuned for gaming by the world-renowned sound engineers at Bang & Olufsen’s acoustic laboratories in Denmark. The goal is nothing less than immersive and precise gaming audio that delivers engaging and sensorial experiences ranging from the peacefully quiet to the intensely thrilling. With Dolby Atmos for Headphones, gamers will experience a virtual surround sound that puts them squarely in the middle of the gaming action.

Image of Beoplay Portal sitting next to a Xbox controller

Engineered for gaming

Packed with dedicated gaming features, Beoplay Portal are engineered to help any gamer level up. And it’s not just the features you may expect, like built-in lossless Xbox Wireless connectivity, or pre-set game modes for RPG and FPS controlled by the B&O app. For instance, Bang & Olufsen has eliminated the need for a traditional microphone boom arm with an array of beamforming microphones that amplify a gamers voice, while effectively filtering out unwanted background noise. This industry-first “virtual boom arm” even makes Beoplay Portal ideal for taking calls between gaming sessions.

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