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Bentley car driving on a road surrounded by mountains and fields

Bang & Olufsen x Bentley Motors

Bentley Motors

There are many roads to perfection. But getting there takes passion, performance, craftmanship and obsessive attention to detail.

Bang & Olufsen X Bentley

The collaboration between Bentley and Bang & Olufsen is a union between two specialist makers driven by the extraordinary – To create the ultimate in automotive design and sound performance that turns every trip into an unforgettable journey.

Close up of Bentley car front lights

Luxury performance

Time and time again, Bentley has shown the world that luxury and performance are indeed complimentary. Taking the lead on the Circuit de la Sarthe at Le Mans and conquering the open road in style with exquisite handcrafted interiors. These same values of luxury and performance are applied to our car audio ensuring powerful yet finely balanced sound for your journey. Sit back and enjoy.

Close up image of the Bang & Olufsen speakers in a Bentley

A shared passion

Genuine craftsmanship, attention to detail and innovative design – for nearly 100 years, Bentley and Bang & Olufsen have shared a passion for exceptional style and functionality. Turn on the sound while on the open road and let your senses enjoy this unique shared heritage.

Bentley driving on a road next to a lake

Designed for exhilaration

Every Bentley will make your heart race. From the exterior design to every detail on the interior, from the car audio to the dashboard. Extraordinary cars made for drivers who not only accept the challenges ahead but thrive on them. Live for them.


Bentley has always been about perfection on four wheels. Discover how Bang & Olufsen completes this uncompromising vision through seamless integration, iconic design and beautiful sound.

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