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Audible Vitality

Pioneering technology often serves a very human purpose. Driving your Q8 with a Bang & Olufsen sound system does exactly that: it takes you on a journey beyond mobility. A journey to your innermost imagination, a place where you not only regain your senses, but regain yourself.

Acoustic lens in an Audi Q8 car

Advanced sound system

Live your style

Sometimes you just want to be yourself. Drop out of your daily routine and listen to your life. For this very private experience, the Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System offers the perfect pitch: crystal-clear sound and astonishing beauty. A high-class, consistent appearance. Unique design highlights like Acoustic Lens Technology serve as reminder of the extraordinary design and guarantee a perfect natural sound as well. For the best sound experience of your life. Because second choices only waste time.

Music that is larger than life

The moving acoustic lenses fill the Audi Q8 interior with high frequency content while seamlessly integrating in the distinctive design – no detail has been left to chance.

Uncompromised 3D sound

The state-of-the-art sound system takes the sonic experience to a new dimension – on all seats. The 3D sound stage is extended to the rear seats with two additional headliner speakers.

Flawless design

The precise craftsmanship of full aluminium developed grilles and woofers merges with the Audi Q8 refined and clean design language and highlights its sporty and dynamic approach – without foregoing the acoustic performance.


• 23 Active Speakers • Acoustic Lens Technology • Class-D Technology • BeoCore 23-channel amplifier • 1,920 watts • ICEpower Technology • Symphoria® 3D algorithm by Fraunhofer IIS • Vehicle Noise Compensation (VNC)

Audi Q8 speaker grill premium sound system

Premium sound system

Style your life

The world is your oyster. Alone or with friends, you enjoy every piece of it. What matters the most is the quality – of life, of experience, of all the new memories you make every day. It is exactly this passion for the extraordinary that you share with Bang & Olufsen’s sound engineers. With psycho-acoustic precision, they analyzed the distribution of sound for every seat. They spent hours meticulously tuning the Premium Sound System with the Fraunhofer Institute’s ingenious Upmix-algorithm Symphoria®. Your favorite car now provides natural and authentic 3D sound that is far superior to classic surround sound: the rendering of height information through additional speakers in the upper part of the A-pillar takes this performance, in the most literal sense, to a new dimension. And with every single element we made sure the soundtrack of your life is delivered in style.

For the ears

The new 3D sound stage adds a new dimension to your in-car music experience enabling real premium sound on the front seats.

For the eyes

Unwilling to compromise on sound performance, the elegantly shaped and precisely crafted speakers complete the exclusive interior design of your Audi Q8.

For the heart

Two iconic brands combine the progress as an unstoppable force with the holistic and exceptional 3D sound experience.


• 17 Speakers • Class-D Technology • 16-Channel Amplifier • 730 Watts • Symphoria® 3D Algorithm by Fraunhofer IIS

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