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Bentley car driving on a road


The speed of sound

Transform the drive into a symphony for all senses.

Sound Matters

A sound experience that moves you.

At Bang & Olufsen we specialise in the art of sound reproduction, and ever since 1925 we have worked on putting the listener in touch with all the beautiful details music has to offer. It’s this expertise that we bring to automobiles.

Interior shot of an Audi

A redefinition of car audio

The noise from the road, the engine, the wind and the limited space all conspire to deaden what you hear. That is why our sound engineers have dedicated themselves to ensuring you only hear rich, deep and authentic sound – taking the in-car audio experience to the next level.

Speaker in the back of the car

What is recorded is what is heard

Our philosophy has always been to produce a pure, balanced sound that is true to the original source.

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We turn driving into a beautifully balanced and rich audio experience. It's a challenging task, as a car is one of the most difficult environments in which to achieve pure sound, but it's not impossible.

Audi A8 on a highway

Sound features

At Bang & OLufsen, we transform the ordinary drive into a symphony for the senses.

Acoustic lens from Bang & Olufsen

The sound features

Acoustic lens technology

Traditional loudspeaker design dictates that the listener needs to be positioned within an acoustic ‘sweet spot’ in order to get the most from the listening experience. Our acoustic lens technology creates an improved sense of space and realism while maximizing the area in front of the loudspeaker where the sweet spot exists.

interior shot of a car with Bang & Olufsen speakers

Speaker integration

All loudspeakers are custom-built for the specific vehicle and, when necessary, mounted in moulded and sealed cabinets. This ensures uniform and optimum conditions for each individual loudspeaker.

interior shot of an audi

ICE, TrueImage™ and Dynamic sound adjustment

Close up image of the ICE system

ICE: Intelligent, Compact & Efficient

Conventional amplifiers convey on average only 30% of the power they receive to the speaker. ICEpower allows us to design compact amplifiers so only little energy is lost in heat, and more is used to drive the speakers.

Image of a rear door speaker in a Bentley


In a car, neither the speakers nor the listeners are in optimum positions. This is why the patented Bang & Olufsen TrueImage™ technology makes sure that music is distributed intelligently to each speaker for perfect listening pleasure.

Bentley Flying Spur parked

Dynamic sound adjustment

The cars don’t just talk. They also listen. Each one has been fitted with a microphone that constantly measures the environment. The noise of the road, the vehicle’s fan and any other external noise source are constantly analysed and used to adjust the reproduced sound.

Sound tuning

Achieving this quality of sound is a careful, deliberate process. The process incorporates a combination of objective testing and the perceptions of the listener. Objective testing involves checking the frequency, power and direction of sound waves. Perceptual testing is carried out first by acousticians and then by a panel of expert listeners whose responses are carefully analyzed.

"Our acousticians spend more than 400 hours perfecting the sound in every single loudspeaker"

Design details

Effective design that pleases the eye and stirs the heart.

The first impression of a car is the one you get from looking at it from the outside. The same is true for our sound systems. Elegant details in the parcel shelf, instrument panel and doors are visible and underline the performance you can expect from the sound system.

Sketches of speakers

From a clean sheet of paper

Advanced Digital Signal Processing ensures and intelligent and even distribution of sound to each speaker, so whatever your sitting position, the sound you hear has been beautifully balanced and optimized for your listening pleasure.

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