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HP | Bang & Olufsen

Hear what matters most

Calls. Work. Movies. Music. Our partnership with HP gives you unbelievable sound, straight out of your PC.

How a PC should sound

We’re known for crafting listening experiences that defy conventions and surpass expectations. Our approach to PC audio? Just the same.

We collaborate with HP to push the boundaries of laptop sound. Carefully tuned by our acoustic engineers, the speakers within HP devices have a clearer, more balanced and straightforward sound. So you can stay immersed in any workflow, conference, or content. Power your PC up. And be transported.

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Press play. Be blown away.

Make your music that little bit richer. Enjoy audio enhanced by experts whenever you stream. And dive into movies and games with fidelity that makes the action hit harder. We bring every acoustic detail to the surface, so that your entertainment can pull you in.

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Call with confidence

“Can you repeat that?” No need. Our signature audio keeps your calls crisp – so you can bring everyone to the table, wherever you are.

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Created for creators

Animation. VFX. Film editing. Let precise sound pull you into the creative zone. No matter your project, next-level audio makes it that much easier to focus. We polish the acoustics so you can block out distractions, catch every detail, and create your best work yet.

A sound partnership

Our process with HP is one we’ve perfected over the years. The results? Obvious to the ear. The first step is HP’s careful selection of the speaker hardware, build to boost clarity, add depth, and maximise every inch of space available. Then, our acoustic engineers optimise the tuning of each speaker. In a process as detailed as the sound it produces.

Our acoustic engineers calibrate the audio response by flattening out large peaks and other fluctuations in frequency, facilitating the best-possible sound in any of HP’s products.

Eine Auswahl aus der HP-Familie

Guter Ton ist wichtig, und entscheidend dafür ist die richtige Hardware. HP konzentriert sich darauf, moderne kunstvoll gestaltete PCs mit Audiokomponenten zu liefern, die speziell darauf ausgelegt sind, die Klangqualität zu maximieren. Hier finden Sie einige Produkte von HP, deren Audioabstimmung in Zusammenarbeit mit Bang & Olufsen erfolgte.

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