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Quality beyond comfort

Traveling in your A8 with a sound system by Bang & Olufsen is far more than a comfortable ride. You venture on an audible journey in quality time, leaving behind the race that is life. High-end technology serves a profound human purpose; the car envelops you in sound, becoming a mobile haven that reconnects your soul to the world.

Bang & Olufsen acoustic lens in Audi A8

Advanced sound system

Audible elegance

We believe that high-end technology is entitled to great design. That’s why the Advanced Sound System by Bang & Olufsen combines audible perfection with exceptional beauty. Our goal was to create an exclusive and coherent visual appearance, reconciling every hole and surface. For example, a hairline marker light accentuates the upper finishing of the aluminum grille, emphasizing the dynamic curves and the laser mark of the Bang & Olufsen logo. Most of all, distinctive design highlights like the Acoustic Lens Technology not only ensure a natural and clear sound experience at every seat, they serve as a reminder and prominent focal point of the extraordinary design, bringing acoustic revelation to the eye.

Immersive sound

With the additional headliner speakers, you can immerse yourself in real 3D sound in all seats.

Pure music experience

The improved Vehicle Noise Compensation (VNC) technology balances all background and additional noises for a fully undisturbed music experience at any speed, in all conditions.

Relaxed Atmosphere

New ambient illumination in the door-woofer speaker creates diverse light moods to let passengers feel comfortable in all situations.


• Symphoria© 3D Sound • BeoCore Amplifier • Class-D Technology • 23-Channel Amplifier • 1,920 Watts • ICEpower Technology • Vehicle Noise Compensation (VNC)

Integrated speaker in Audi

Premium sound system

Tonmeisters' finest

The sound engineers of Bang & Olufsen belong to the best of their craft. With the highest psycho-acoustic precision, they analyzed the distribution of sound in the Audi to determine the experience in every seat. Accordingly, the Danish Tonmeisters positioned the loudspeakers to segment the feed into spatial components. After hours of meticulous tuning – empowered by the ingenious Upmix-algorithm Symphoria® by Fraunhofer Institute – they perfected the Premium Sound System, capable of providing listeners with a natural and authentic 3D sound. This goes far beyond classic surround sound: the rendering of height information through additional speakers in the upper part of the A-pillar takes this experience, in the most literal sense, to a new dimension.

First-class sound reproduction

The latest hybrid amplifier, including Class-D performance, significantly reduces power losses in the car’s output devices for a smooth and powerful performance throughout the entire ride.

Powerful performance

The Bang & Olufsen 3D Premium Sound System consists of 17 speakers including active front speakers – for an extended sound performance in the Audi A8.

Premium sound

The new 3D sound stage adds a new dimension to your in-car music experience enabling real premium sound in the front seats.


• 17 Speakers • Symphoria© 3D Sound • 16-Channel Amplifier • 755 Watts • Vehicle Noise Compensation (VNC)

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