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Welcome to Bang & Olufsen

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As one of the world’s most iconic audio-visual brands, Bang & Olufsen has been leading the way in design, technology and innovation for more than 90 years. Our more than 800 employees work globally, with the mindset to create experiences like no one else.

Areas of work within Bang & Olufsen

Brand and marketing

We work with one of the world’s strongest brands. We devise promotional and branding strategies globally and optimise our consumer communications. Our responsibility is also to nurture client relationships and manage products and brands. There are several roles for brand & marketing professionals who would like to use their talents to create unique experiences.

Business support

Business support is closely aligned with the business and supports it in driving the changes and enabling our organisation to deliver value to our consumers. Whether it is communication, accounting, handling investment opportunities, securing our legal compliance and framework or working with organisational development in HR, business support is an integral part of our organisation.

Engineering & acoustics

Our audio and audiovisual products are not just built for one user, but to stimulate social experiences. From design to manufacturing, we collaborate with colleagues and partners in search of excellence when we develop new concepts, foster new ideas and see them take shape. It is innovation and professional expertise at its highest. We are known worldwide for our acoustic expertise and have an internationally recognized acoustics research department, with close ties to universities in Denmark and abroad.

IT, digital and software

IT, Digital and Software encompasses analytics and IT management, but it also builds the foundation and structures that let us work with our core competencies. It simplifies and provides agility in our processes and in the end, enables us to innovate and create unique experiences and value for our consumers. Digital is one of our most important strategic focus areas. We are investing significantly and are looking to hire great people.

Operations & logistics

Operations & logistics include many different professions responsible for the operation, inspection, maintenance and logistics of our products and services. We are in the middle of a total transformation of our value chain, working towards a sourced structure where we work with external partners on delivering.

Sales & Customer Service

We are ambassadors for our brand when bringing our products and services to our retailers and consumers. We support our customers and retailers globally with expert knowledge, improving their experience with the products, our company and our brand.

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The future is exciting

We want to become the most desired audio brand in the world. Our whole existence is based on a desire to create, and innovation comes from our unique ability to combine sound, design and craft around the user in a natural and seamless way. We are driven by a relentless determination to take innovation to a higher level and create experiences of beauty. We build on one of the most respected brands in terms of quality, acoustics and craftmanship, and even though we have more than 90 years of experience, this feels more like a start-up. This makes Bang & Olufsen an exciting workplace for talented people of all ages and experiences.

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Passion, Pride and Persistence

Values define our way of work

Bang & Olufsen is defined by our values.

Passion We bring passion to everything we do. Our passion is what creates the magic our customers experience whenever they interact with Bang & Olufsen.

Pride We are proud of creating experiences that break barriers and set new standards of performance. By taking pride in everything we do, we ensure that we continue to bring our customers magical experiences.

Persistence We are persistent in our dedication to excellence and our commitment to build a healthy and sustainable business.

Beosound 2 getting analysed to ensure a perfect design

Core Capabilities

Craftsmanship, sound & design

Timeless design We pride ourselves on universal designs that are as mesmerising close up as they are from afar – products that look good from all angles and in all user scenarios. Along with easily usable functions, this creates a unique experience for our customers.

Beautiful sound We like to talk about beautiful sound which is a quick way to describe a mood altering, layered, emotional and multisensory experience. However, to us, beautiful sound is about what you see, what you touch, how it’s made, how it works and how it moves you.

Uncompromising craftsmanship If it looks like leather, it is leather. If it looks like aluminum, it is aluminum. Since all our products are touched and felt, it’s the hands and the tips of fingers that need to confirm what the eyes have already seen.

Man working in the aluminium factory in Struer

Truly global

Present world wide

Besides a strong European presence and being available in major cities worldwide, we globally have locations in New York, Singapore, Copenhagen, Struer and London where we drive sublime brand and customer experiences. We work every day on creating a truly global minded organization, attracting and retaining great talent from all over the world and continuing to create the best possible foundation for innovation. Our employees come from all over the world and are involved in collaborative environments throughout the value chain with global partners on both development, production and markets.

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Characteristic skills

Personal competencies support our success

Ability to move seamlessly between operational task and strategic planning. Being ambitious while simultaneously enjoying and respecting the delivery on a day-to-day basis. We are a tight-knit organisation, every man counts. Business understanding is not only being analytical and thinking logically, but putting competencies and knowledge into a business context and articulating arguments accordingly. Collaborative skills is more than just working together. Both inside the organisation, between departments, and to a large extent globally with partners and suppliers, we must be able to listen, understand and respond. Positive outlook - We keep going, even if the hill is steep and obstacles are many. We want to work with great people that not only share our passion for our products but also love what they do.

Students and graduates

We offer several ways into Bang & Olufsen for students and graduates. You will gain valuable insight, convert your theoretical knowledge to sustainable deliveries, work with edge technology, and meet and learn from great people who will value your contribution. Student Assistant

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Diversity & inclusion

Inclusion is the basis of true innovation and an enabler of success. It is gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, disability, culture, education and much more. We believe it is everyone’s whole self, the authenticity, that brings value to the work and fosters passion and engagement. Our flat organizational structure and low hierarchy acts as an enabler for this inclusion to grow, and in every recruitment we aim for equal representation among interviewed candidates.

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First 90 days

We want to support your decision to choose Bang & Olufsen as a workplace and secure a fast track to your performance and success.

Signing of contract - Upon signing of the contract we will invite you a little closer to our strategy and our business.

First day - Our most important goal here is to make you feel welcome, introduce you to closest colleagues and give you a sense and feel of your new office and location.

Within 30 days - We will align expectations and offer tools to get you up and running. Your manager is your closest sparring partner here. You will meet your stakeholders and hit the ground running. Mandatory training is there to make sure that we all work from the same ethical and legal offset.

Within 90 days - Understanding our heritage and experiencing craftsmanship, design, and passion first hand will send you back to where it all began. It is a full day of touching, feeling and hearing. Prepare to be blown away.

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